24 夏秋季菜单

To Share / 小菜

  • Fried cauliflower with spicy mayo 7,80

Fried cauliflower with ground hazelnut, unagi sauce and spicy mayo


  • Hulu style fried chicken wings 6,50

Xi’an hulu style fried chicken wings coated with chili powder


  • 8,50

Homemade gyozas with house sauce:

  • Stuffed with beef and onion 6,80


  • 10,40
  • Stuffed with spring onion and egg 6,80


  • 10,40
  • Chinese pickles 7,50

Edamame, smoked tofu and lotus root brined in zaolu pickle sauce


Noodles / 面条

Don't forget to choose the level of spiciness:
Mild 辣度, Medium 微辣, Spicy 中辣, Very spicy 超辣

  • The authentic Biang Biang noodles 13,90

Biang Biang traditional recipe with shredded and minced duroc pork, spring onion, garlic, vegetables, scrambled egg and tomato

招牌西安Biang Biang

  • Biang Biang Noodles Beef Triple Combo 13,90

Homemade biang biang noodles topped with beef, vegetables, scrambled egg and tomato

三合一大块牛肉Biang Biang

  • Biang Biang noodles with eggplant and Heura 13,50

Homemade biang biang noodles topped with Chinese Yuxiang style eggplant, Heura, green sprouts and pak choi

素鱼香茄子Biang Biang

  • Biang Biang noodles with Iberian pork and black truffle 18,90

Homemade wide noodles with shredded Iberian pork, sauteed vegetables and mushrooms with black truffle sauce and laminated truffle


  • Cold bangbang chicken noodles 14,50

Perfect for summer. Cold noodles topped with cucumber, bangbang style chicken, vegetables, fried onion and homemade sesame and peanut sauce



Some of the dishes can be modified to be vegan or with low gluten (we will use konjac noodles). Ask us for more information.

Dessert / 甜点

  • Homemade ice cream 6,90

2 scoops of homemade ice cream with azuki, gingerbread cookie base and berries (please consult us for available flavors)




Soft Drinks / 饮料

  • Fritz-kola / Fritz-kola zero / Fritz apple 3,50
  • Lindo iced tea 3,80
  • Fuzz kombucha green apple and bourbon vanilla 4
  • Linda pear juice with Sichuan pepper 4
  • Chinese herbal tea 王老吉 3
  • Coconut Milk 椰树椰汁 3
  • Still water 2,60
  • Sparkling water 2,80

Beers / 啤酒

  • Tsingtao 青岛啤酒 3,20
  • Mahou 3

Craft Beers / 精酿啤酒

  • Biang Brew Pale Ale Grapefruit 4
  • DouGall's Amber sin gluten 4,20
  • DouGall’s IPA 6.4% 4,20
  • Saison Dupont 6,5% 4,10
  • Alcohol-free beer (check availability with our staff) 3,80
  • Blanche de Namur 4,5% 4,10
We have more beers chilling in the fridge. Ask us about them!

Natural wine / 自然红酒

Consult us for our selection of natural wines (whites, reds, oranges…).
By the glass from 4,5 €.
Please ask for prices by the bottle.

Wine / 葡萄酒

  • Menganito Rueda Verdejo 3,40
  • 15
  • Fulanito Ribera del Duero Tinto Fino 3,60
  • 15,50

All prices include VAT.

The dishes indicated as «low-free» may contain traces or may have been exposed to cross-contamination. In case of allergy or a high intolerance we recommend to not consume them.

For any allergy or intolerance, do not hesitate to consult our allergen menu: